Social story for staying awake and in school all day

The 30 minute rule.

You are only allowed a 30 minute rest at a time.

When the timer goes off you have to get up and do work or go to class.

If you don’t get up when the timer goes off mrs Cappuso has to send you home.

When the school calls me to pick you up early it messes up my whole day, I can’t get my work done, I can’t exercise, I have to leave my classes early, Dishes and laundry don’t get done, Dinner doesn’t get bought and cooked, I can’t get my errands done.

I feel frustrated that you won’t follow the rules, get up, and go to class.

Each rest in school can only be 30 minutes otherwise you miss too much class

If you need one rest in the morning and one in the afternoon that is fine, but they can’t be more than 30 min each.

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