Managing the ups and downs

Moods aren’t always predictable, but our main trigger right now seems to be embarrassment and she gets very embarrassed by feeling stupid or feeling like she’s being tricked. Of course, we’re dealing with a 16 year old girl with pretty severe communication deficits and a very strong personality so issues can surface at any moment.
My deescalating techniques- I seem to have a pattern of reflective listening, ignoring hurtful words, love and acceptance, setting limits, calmness and optimism, and noticing every step towards self control.
now that we’ve taking away electronics a few times for impatience and rudeness, all I have to do sometimes is say, “you don’t want to lose your electronics do you”. It used to be seen as a threat and upset her, but now she knows I will really do it so she stops in her tracks and thinks twice before saying another word.
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