We have something to celebrate. We just got through a whole week vacation without any rude or embarrassing remarks about smells or bad breath. It’s not that she didn’t notice or comment on it, it’s just that the comments were quiet, discrete and polite -“something smells like its dead” quietly, instead of ” who stunk up the bathroom?” loudly, or ” I can’t breathe” instead of “your breath stinks.”. She even checked her own breath and BO and went for the toothpaste, gum and deodorant when available!!
Big steps!
Of course it’s been a long hard road- ABA, a point system, a timely reinforcement schedule, scripted appropriate responses, social stories ( if someone has bad breath I can move away, chew gum, ask them if they would like a mint, put on chap stick etc), distractions, use of a service dog for tactile comfort and distraction and practice, practice,practice.

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