sometimes she has to feel the breeze before she’ll put on her coat

Immediacy-The quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something.

Most us of work on thinking ahead, being prepared, and getting through the less interesting parts of life by looking forward to the things we really like. for people on the spectrum, doing those things can be a real challenge. We can use visual schedules, a point systems, a reinforcement menu, and front loading, but in situations when those things aren’t available things can get very challenging. Just saying, “we go to something really interesting next” when we’re in the middle of a 5 minute boring informational talk about something of no interest to us can seem like an hour- and an excruciating hour at that. If she can “feel the breeze”, get a peek, see a video, get into a routine or have a timer and a schedule, waiting can be tolerable, time can wiz by, and we can get through the bad (putting on a warm coat, waiting through a lecture etc.) to move on to the good.

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