Overcoming theory of mind deficits on a daily basis

Theory of mind deficits effect kids with autism everyday, but lessons to overcome them are often not part of the school curriculum.  These deficits attribute to a child not thinking before she does or says something and not understanding  the effects of her words and actions (reactions) on others.

As a team we have decided to make theory of mind discussions and worksheets part of the daily curriculum- starting with 5 minute assignments, and (with the help or psychologists and the social worker) working up to longer and more complex worksheets/assignments/discussions.

It’s important to do these lessons on a routine/ neutral basis so that they are not consequences for (or even a reinforcer for) misbehavior.

Learning the effect her behavior has on others and how they feel when she hisses, yells, accuses them of being “mean”, calls them names, or kicks a wall, along with daily review of the benefits in her life of controlling her behavior with multidimensional teaching tools, will help her come a long way in prevention.

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