High- functioning but still many deficits.

Many of the social/ emotional deficits that a child with HFA have are things we all struggle with, but most of us are able to catch ourselves before things get out of hand. The things that interfere with communication process are-
– perception and interpretation- she can’t put herself in your shoes so everything you say goes through her distorted filter from her narrow experiences and blurry lens.
-emotions and reactions- she misinterprets things when she’s emotionally involved and especially if she wants you to feel the same emotions about the subject or problem. Sometimes she even assumes that I ( being the person who loves her most in the world) do feel exactly the same way she does even if I never said I did, but simply listened and reflected that it must be hard for her.
-processing- also effected by emotions, but even at the best of times is about that of a 6 year old.
-recall of facts- usually effected by processing and memory, but also a poor concept of time, lack of descriptive vocabulary, and theory of mind deficits. She can’t figure out that you don’t understand everything she’s thinking and feeling by what little she says and that you don’t understand the details when she only expresses her emotions.
-ladder of inference- she misinterprets things that are said by creating her own reality and reacting to it. She makes assumptions and treats them as real because in her mind it is. So…if mom agrees that a social situation is difficult she may assume that i agree that it cannot be overcome when in fact I don’t.

So many things we all take for granted.

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One Comment on “High- functioning but still many deficits.”

  1. Nittin Says:

    Once again,you have nailed it.
    Calls for a lot of hard work,but worth it in the end 🙂

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