Back to behavior 101

We’re seeing a lot of regression in behavior around meals and eating so we’re sitting down to go over the basics-
all behavior has a function.
the 4 functions of behavior are escape, attention, tangible, or sensory.
eating problems could be sensory if caused by meds and then lead to attention or tangible (different, more appealing food).
if the child gets what they want (attention or different food) from inappropriate behavior then the bad behavior is being reinforced
if they are not given what the are demanding the behavior will be extinguished.
if you occasionally give in after inappropriate behavior then it is again reinforced.
sooooo, if the child is demanding to be fed something other than is being served you know what you gotta do-
ignore her.
send her out of the kitchen until she talks nice, is flexible or tries something healthy that is already available.
add target behaviors on the point sheet related to healthy foods, flexibility, independence.
be strong until the storm passes

and don’t forget to avoid bribes, threats, anger, and coercion.

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