Sending kids with huge social deficits to a new school

Let’s face it, our kids are the low men on the totem pole. they get moved around from school to school and program to program without consideration for their huge social deficits. They don’t remember faces or names easily and certainly don’t attract new friends. One of the only things they might have going for them as they move into the upper grades is to be in a school with their siblings or neighborhood or family “friends”. Instead they are moved to schools that hold nothing familiar to them- ” a sea of ghost faces”, as my daughter put it. My belief is that it would benefit everyone involved if our kids were allowed to stay in their home school. For us, the program, teacher, trained staff, and class options were a priority so we moved and it was HARD. In cases where it’s not possible for our kids to stay at their home school with their neighborhood “friends” its essential that there is a good, comprehensive peer education system in place (START trained) so that the student with autism can sense, in any environment, that he’s welcome, accepted, and included.

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