Shaping the school staff’s behavior

Our behavioral consultant has taught me and the school staff how to shape my daughter’s behavior by setting realistic goals, breaking them down into steps, teaching and reinforcing each step and constantly updating the goals and reinforcers.  There have been times when I would like to also (gently) “shape” the school staff’s communication, strategies, documentation, follow thru, and identification of environmental factors that contributed to my child’s behavior (good or bad). The best tip I received produced quick positive results-

  • When I received a document- visual schedule, ABC chart, notes in the communication log, or modified worksheets I highlight and write comments on them regarding what I would like to see be done differently or what is working and send a copy back to the staff the next school day.
This technique produces quick and very clear results and before I know it I’m receiving exactly the information I’m looking for in the way that works for all of us.
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