Tackling school behavior problems from all sides

What we use to support our teen with High functioning autism-
START universal (essential) supports include-
  • modifications- (hierarchy used)
  • visual supports-schedule, timer, communication
  • communication system (break card, help card, 5 point scale?)
  • peer to peer support  (reverse inclusion, peer education/ programs)
  • functional behavior assessment/positive behavior support (the bare minimum in behavior support for any child with autism- a preventative, proactive plan)
Behavioral therapist- 
  • four functions of behavior are identified and addressed- attention, escape, tangibles, and sensory. 
  • develop and teach the point system used in the behavior plan with a frequently updated menu of reinforcers.
  • ABC chart is written and analyzed for each “incident”
  • data that is collected by the team is analyzed and used to update the plan and the IEP goals (or decide placement?)
  • academic program is analyzed and personalized respecting the child’s skill deficits, strengths and splinter skills
  • teachers are constantly supported and educated related to Asperger’s, high functioning students, and behavior (they don’t get any of that in school).
  • home program is developed to limit privileges (limiting access to “reinforcers”). Mom is on call on all school days so that if the student breaks the rules or is unsafe to herself or others she is sent home, privileges are taken away, she is sent to her room without outings and she loses all money (points) that she has earned in the home program. We have stopped feeling sorry for her now that the school program is consistent and appropriate.
Special Ed attorney- makes sure all supports are in the IEP and are implemented
Psychiatrist- to address disruptive behavior, add, asperger’s, defiance, aggression, agitation.
Therapist- to work through issues of anger, depression, frustration, theory of mind problems, social problems, agitation, coping mechanisms, etc, etc. 

I would also recommend this program http://www.amazon.com/Outsmarting-Explosive-Behavior-Intervention-Individuals/dp/1934575445   We found it essential in preventing and deescalating meltdowns.
Last, but certainly not least, an AI certified teacher and a highly trained aide who is ready, willing, and able to implement this highly technical plan.
We have had school security and local police as part of the plan on occasion to reinforce safety in the school environment. They are no longer needed.
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