Speaking up for our kids

I have spent many years advocating for my daughter, but I’ve tried to teach her to speak up for herself and answer when a waitress, flight attendant, or other adult asks her a question. now that she’s a teen it seems that other adults are less patient and more judgmental with both of us then when she was young. After asking a question once, they often raise their voice slightly or ask a second time before my daughter adjusts to a stranger addressing her or is able to process the question. So I’ve started to go do what I thought we had both grown out of-
-asking her myself in a simpler way (yes/ no, either / or)
– answering for her ( if I know what the answer would be
– explaining to the person that she has autism or special needs ( only if i can do so discreetly) and that they can ask me or that they should come back once she has time to decide (things can get confusing when you want soda, but know that Mom doesn’t want you to have it and you have to take care of your teeth, and they don’t have your favorite alternative etc, etc)

I guess it’s 2 steps forward, one step back again.

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