Pull the “A” card!

Do you struggle to keep your child calm in public?
Do you try your best to frontload experiences when your family is doing something out if the ordinary?
Does your child have difficulty waiting in line or being in crowds?
Does your family constantly have to accommodate the moods, energy, or anxiety levels of your child with autism?
Do you ever find yourself thinking that you could enjoy an experience if only some modifications were made for your child with autism?
Do you feel guilty about asking for special passes or privileges because your child is “high functioning”?

Let it go! Do what’s best for you, your child and your family! Ask for the help and privileges you need to overcome any obstacles your child with autism might have to enjoy the experiences you’re entitled to! Advocate for your child and model polite, discrete ways to get privileges without taking advantage of the situation and enjoy yourself for a change!
Pull the “A” card when you have to! You deserve it!

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