Can our next IEP address extracurricular activities?

“Yes, an IEP can definitely address extracurricular supports. Extracurricular activities are mentioned under the least restrictive environment portion of the IEP. The services and supports can be outlined in the supplementary aids and services or on the transition page. It also helps to have an IEP goal or objective that ties into the need for the extracurricular support.” -Laura Athens Attorney and Mediator

If this is not done, you know the ropes-

  • a teacher/coach will “talk the talk” and blow you off
  • peer support can be a one time inservice without follow up (or expectations or reinforcement)
  • chaos can be the norm and your child is expected to understand and keep up with it
  • your child will be expected to have more patience, tolerance, compliance, and energy then they have ever had in their life (and so will you)
  • your child will be expected to stay motivated enough to get them through every rehearsal, practice, problem, language and social barrier, and activity without points, rewards or even a “god job” because compared to the “stars” we are only mediocre at best.
  • you will, as a parent, be expected to quietly sit back as you observe events that most people or students would not be able to tolerate, but your child with special needs is expected to.

Get services legally in writing!

problems with our first high school play experience:
Audition -” for a monkey” even though monkeys were small and she would not be a monkey
Wait two weeks to find out
Was told she could skip rehearsal/ choir practice.
Facebook only updates
Canceled rehearsals without call to us
No paintbrushes/ not sharing/ asking belle if she’s supposed to be somewhere else
No buddies assigned
Kids bossing
Dirty looks when costumes were distributed
No daily plan- poor communication
Yelling at mom with belle on the other side of the door
Cancelations 2/28, 3/2
Email?, facebook, callboard?, bulletin board?

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