The Vicious cycle of Asperger’s

There is a pattern that develops in social interactions that I find predictable, logical and very sad. Interacting with a child with autism can be very one sided and unrewarding. There is a lack of reciprocity and manners, even outright rudeness the general public quickly finds intolerable. There isn’t a thank-you, or a “hello” in response to their greeting. Sometimes not even recognition when they may have gone out of their way to welcome the child.

Peer support can be taught, encouraged and reminded, but when the child with autism doesn’t respond in a socially appropriate way then it all falls into the abyss of autism. The one point that is almost always neglected in the education of the general population is that nothing you do to help the child with autism will be immediately rewarding or even effective, and certainly not appreciated, but to continue to show compassion, empathy, thoughtfulness and kindness is the epitome of  human charitable behavior and can eventually be the most rewarding thing you do in your life.

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One Comment on “The Vicious cycle of Asperger’s”

  1. Flannery Says:

    It’s a long, hard road. Small changes come over long periods of time. Our rewards as parents are different than others, but rewards nontheless. Keep up the good work.

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