Don’t let them bully you!!

I hear it all the time. Parents getting bullied at IEPs, cornered at school by pushy staff, being told outrageous things about their family and children to make them doubt their judgement and their parenting, and even being told by unqualified school staff that their child has a psychiatric disorder.

Stay strong, be confident, get professional help and advice, get an advocate and an IEP buddy, become a strong partner with your spouse, get a lawyer if possible, go to wrightslaw and know your rights, refuse to be bullied, bulldozed, or forced to do or decide anything you’re not comfortable with.

“They” don’t always know what’s best for your child. They might know what’s cheaper, easier, or routine for a child like yours, but I can guarantee you that they don’t have outcomes that can prove that their advice will get your child anything in the long run. Supports and programs for autism have not been that well established for enough time to prove anything. We’re all just pioneers in a scary world with an unknown future.

Stay strong.

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