Beauty is beauty

I’ve learned the hard way that  it’s not unusual for someone with autism to say whatever they think or feel-“she’s fat, that was stupid, you suck at that etc”. We waork very hard at not saying everything that we’re thinking and to whisper if it’s too hard to keep it inside.

But I was surprised that first time the impulsive statements had to do with physical beauty, especially a woman’s. We all know that women often dress to impress other women, but no one is used to a teen gushing over a women’s beauty! “She’s soooo beautiful!” “she’s pretty” , “I love her” etc etc.  Handsome boys and men get equal attention, but we’re used to screaming teens at a Jonas Brother’s concert, not at a woman at the mall.

Giddy admiration can happen at any time and, although it’s not as embarrassing as blurting out ” she’s fat” it’s still more than most would woman would say if they saw a beauty queen or a giesha. Just another interesting aspect of the lack of a social filter.

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