Is she sick or is she stressed

We’re on our third day home sick and I’m starting to wonder if some of this is psychosomatic. It’s not that I don’t believe that her head and stomach hurt, but it’s gone on a little long and Belle’s a little too insistent on staying home. This started with congestion and I had a touch of it yesterday and I felt like I was going to pass out, so it could still be the same illness. Usually Belle would actually rather be in school than home sick, but we’re on our third week at her new school and things are getting overwhelming. We had a 2 hour team meeting yesterday and decided that the biology class is too hard for her and the AI instruction in homeroom is too “babyish” for her. So here we are again without a group that she feels comfortable in, without a program that’s right for her, without teachers who “get” HFA or Asperger’s, and with a girl who is getting very stressed out.

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