A new medium of exchange- a tarantula!

According to Amy Matthews in the START training:
  • The medium of exchange is any material, task, prop, interest area, etc. that connects a student with autism to a general education peer or staff person.
  • Typically the medium of exchange is something that does not require language for the connection or interaction to occur

Belle is great at coming up with mediums of exchange that get her LOTS of attention from her peers. She loves things with a little shock value and she has learned that she has to be appropriate and wait until the right time and place so that she’s not interfering with the teacher’s curriculum or “annoying” her peers when they are involved with something else.

I had no idea that her new pet tarantula would get her the attention (and reactions) she craves, but she took it (in it’s cage) to several Halloween events and kids were gathered around her the whole time to find out if it was real, learn as much as they could about it, and to see Belle handle it without a bit of fear or hesitation.

Charlotte saved the day!!

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