increased stress calls for increased exercise

Transition looming, meaps changing the daily routine, new staff in school, Halloween costumes, contests and haunts, and the time change. The fall is very stressful for Belle and October is what I consider a red flag month. Loneliness sets in when her cousins are back to school and her peers are too busy for her. Academics and skill deficits break down her confidence. Belle can easily regress to a cranky, anxious child.

What can we do? Stick with the plan/routine at school and at home, continue with reinforcers and consequences, and get as much pet/puppy time as possible.

And as much fresh air and exercise as I can coax her into-

  • yesterday she rode her horse outside for an hour
  • last night we took the dogs on a walk at dusk to look for deer
  • today we went to the workout facility and Belle did 5 machines -2 minutes each (it’s a great start)
  • tomorrow morning she’s planning to swim at school
  • tomorrow night we head to the mall for some walking and a little shopping

If I can keep her and her body moving her brain will take a break from worry.

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