Using the visual schedule for the home/school connection

We use the documentation on the visual schedule to deal with Belle’s school issues on a day to day basis.
On a typical day (today, for example)  I look at several things (circled or highlighted items)-
  • total minutes documented on visual schedule (vs). Belle gets screen time at home based on total number of minutes in class plus time on task  for the day. It usually adds up to about 3 hours and Belle’s typical screen time is about 2 hours so I do not limit screen time in that situation
  • whether or not she went to general ed at all or for her 15 min minimum. If she didn’t then I talk to Belle and Megan and read the comments to see what’s going on. Right now she is not going to history so we are problem solving her “fears”. History has been added to our points at home to increase motivation.
  • I then look at the points (checks/$) she got -if she’s heavy on the money column I know that she’s making an effort, following directions and doing her best. I don’t reinforce her for this because that occurs at school. if it’s especially low I check to see if there is documentation on the 5 point scale, comments or the NC . If there’s just a low reinforcement day and there is no sign of a problem then i do nothing, if there is evidence of a problem we talk to Belle and she explains the problem and if she was able to overcome it and get back on track. we problem solve with megan if necessary.
  • I look to see if there has been any sleeping. If it’s a short nap third hour there is no consequence except that she loses points at home for “not sleeping in school” (heavy 2-3$), if it’s a long nap and interfered with her gen ed classes then her bedtime is adjusted earlier and outings (barn/shopping) are decreased.
  • I then look at whether she is buying reinforcers at school and encourage her to do so.
  • On a bad day, when I get at least one phone call and have to head up to school (when we were on the phone Monday) and the vs reflects low points, low minutes, behavioral issues in comments, sleeping , and several checks on her check off sheet- Belle does not get to add her points at home that day, doesn’t get to go on any outings with Dad or me, and does not get any screen time. Luckily I got to go out with my sister that night so dad and I shared the very long afternoon/evening. Belle took her consequences without getting angry.
  • On bad days I also get an ABC document from Megan so I can work with the team to turn things around.
  • If I did have to take her home because of three checks she would have all of the above plus lose any money she’s accumulated in her home account ($20+). That hasn’t happened this year yet.
  • If she comes home sick after shutting down at school she is treated like she’s sick- no outings, lay on couch or in bed, plus less “favors” from mom since she took up so much of my time getting phone calls and having to pick her up.
  • the computer room is always locked during school hours whether she is “sick”, buys early dismissal, or is sent home.
  • It seems like we don’t really have any days where she earns less than 3 hours in minutes, and doesn’t get sent home. We pretty much have good days or bad, not much in between, and more good than bad. AND Belle is reporting things pretty accurately, which helps.
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