Who’s to blame?

Why would we bother pointing fingers at each other?? Is the problem that we introduce Belle to new things or give attention to the things she’s passionate about, or is the problem that something can go wrong in the process because of autism and behavior occurs that you have to manage? Whether it’s pets, anime, Halloween, or anything, Belle can have difficulty along with way with delayed gratification, anxiety, disappointment, frustration or a major grieving process due to loss. It’s part of life. Of course you’re going to enjoy the things Belle enjoys (there’s nothing more fun than a person with autism enjoying their passions), share her interests, and help her to earn privileges around them, but if negative emotions come in in the process be prepared to set limits.

Don’t be surprised, disappointed, or even bother to lay blame- autism will sneak into every part of your life, good or bad, and you have to be steady enough to expect it and work through it.

That’s what a behavior plan is for.

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