Words have power!

As Belle has learned to conquer the English language she uses words very skillfully to get what she wants in inappropriate ways-threats, insults etc

She says things when she’s upset to-

  • get a reaction and attention-withdraw from her
  • get what she wants -inappropriately, so don’t give in!
  • to express something- inappropriately, so don’t engage in a conversation about service dogs or anything else if she is drawing you in in negative ways. when she’s calm you can talk to her about how hard it is to wait for Magic to grow up and for her to be fully trained etc. if she initiates it in the right way at the right time, otherwise it’s off limits.

We can rise about all the words and stick to the behavior plan. Hopefully extinction will occur quickly and you will hear manners and calm words giving Belle the power she wants and needs.

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