I learned early that kids on the spectrum are late to learn the concept of deceit. Belle didn’t know how not to say what was on her mind and therefore blurted out that someone was fat, or she hated a gift, or if she didn’t want to play with someone without understanding the effect her words had on those around her.

Now she uses the word “lie” in ways that confuse and frustrate people who are trying to communicate with and include her.

If you change your mind or your priorities she could see that as lying- “you said you were going to buy something and you didn’t (even if you forgot, changed your mind, or ran out of money), you lied to me!”

If you have a different opinion from her she might accuse you of calling her a liar-“What do you mean you weren’t being mean to me! are you calling me a liar?!”

We work a lot on all of these.

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