Therapeutic and respectful use of the contents of this blog

If you are reading this blog to gain information about autism, behavior, strategies, and effective treatments then I hope that the work I put into this is helpful to you.

If you are a teacher, friend, relative, therapist, caretaker, or professional working with Belle or our family and are reading it to gain information to help you build a trusting relationship with Belle incorporating the strategies that I use on a day to day basis then I am very grateful that you’re taking the time to learn as much as possible, but please don’t mention the things you read here to Belle. Belle is aware of my “website” and appreciates that people who care about her read it to learn more about her so they can understand her and autism better, but she would prefer that she was the one to bring up events that occur in her life or her special interests. Please don’t say, “I heard you went….., or I see you like……, or I saw a picture of your ……… on your mom’s website”.

Belle would like you to hear her version, and decide when she tells you certain things depending on the trust that has built up between you. She also likes to have some control over what is discussed when.

Please give her that right.

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One Comment on “Therapeutic and respectful use of the contents of this blog”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Thanks Aunt Peggy for your blog. Using this as another medium to learn about autism and to learn more about Belle…

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